Art attack week

W.A.L.T : crate artist inspired artwork.
This is my draft of our art that we did.
We had to do 2 drafts before our good copy

This is my good copy of the Koru that everyone made 

  • First we had to draw our koru and then Thrace the koru with chalk on a different piece of paper. 
  • Then we coloured in all of the patterns (but not the chalk and we made thick lines of chalk)
  • Then we dyed it (and it looked awesome) 
  • Then we made the good copy and coloured in and then we got to dye it 

and it ends with this!

Reading blog post

 My Reading goal was Use grammatically correct structures.
 I learned To recognise a sentence that doesn't make any sense
 What is my next's step in learning To get every thing done in the set time because I mess around some  times
 here is a link to my learning